10 Things Canada's Human Rights Policy Should Include

Thus far, election discourse has been dominated by exchanges on the economy and related issues such as jobs, growth, taxes, and the like, and where the term "middle class" has become metaphor and message of that discourse. Accordingly, the Munk Debates on foreign policy are a welcome addition to the political discourse, particularly as foreign policy itself is not characterized as a salient issue for electoral purposes.

Admittedly, while the recent -- though belated -- concern with Syrian refugees, "Putinism" and the Ukraine, and free trade, have asserted themselves, the need - and nature - for a comprehensive human rights foreign policy has yet to be addressed. What follows is an agenda for such a policy that can engage us beyond tonight's debate and serve as a blueprint for action for the incoming government...

Excerpt from:

The Huffington Post
Published: September 28, 2015