The UN Needs a Human Rights Champion as Its Next Secretary-General

"On August 5, the United Nations will be one step closer to electing its next Secretary-General, holding its second straw poll to evaluate the candidates.  In its review of the field of candidates, Security Council members must look for a candidate that is ready to be a global advocate for human rights. Indeed, given that human rights is one of the three pillars of the UN, the absence of discussion and focus on this crucial election is regrettable.

[...]But these conversations cannot happen if no ideas are put forward.  We should call on the remaining candidates for Secretary-General who have openly demonstrated their support for human rights to put their words into action and come out with their specific proposals for how they will strengthen the UN’s human rights efforts. These commitments should be made now so that nations who stand for human rights know who is worthy of their support."

Excerpt From:

"The UN Needs a Human Rights Champion as Its Next Secretary-General"

Irwin Cotler, Huffington Post