Advancing Transformative Global Magnitsky Justice and Accountability Legislation

Netherlands Magnitsky Tweet Martijn Van Helvert Cotler.png

As part of its worldwide campaign for the adoption of Global Magnitsky Justice and Accountability Legislation, the RWCHR has been encouraging democracies to implement this effective tool of targeted human rights sanctions, to combat a resurgent authoritarianism and the cultures of criminality and impunity that underpin it.

Accordingly, grounded in our recent success in the unanimous adoption of such legislation in Canada, the RWCHR met with Senior Dutch officials and Parliamentarians in that regard. Our representations were well-received, with Dutch officials recently proposing a Magnitsky Act in the Dutch Parliament.

In announcing the Act, Parliamentarian and Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee Martijn Van Helvert, in a public statement on Twitter [pictured], said:

“ Former Canadian Minister and human rights expert Irwin Cotler asked the Netherlands to consider adopting the Magnitsky Act.

Thanks for the idea and there you go! ”

Christopher Sealey