Zoe Gladstone

The Raoul Wallenberg Centre for Human Rights’ Project Coordinator, Zoe Gladstone.



Zoe Gladstone, Project Coordinator at the Raoul Wallenberg Centre for Human Rights. 


Zoe Gladstone has been a Project Coordinator at the Raoul Wallenberg Centre for Human Rights since August 2017. Prior to joining the Raoul Wallenberg Centre, she mobilized a number of landmark human rights initiatives in partnership with local and international NGOs.

Zoe's work has sought to address global inequality, poverty, and other human rights and social justice issues from an interdisciplinary perspective. In doing so, she has travelled to Kenya, Cambodia, Brazil and Cuba, among other places. In Kenya, she helped empower HIV positive women to develop business skills that would lead to sustainable livelihoods. Her work in Cambodia targeted grassroots democratic leadership that identified community needs in areas such as education and healthcare. She worked with vulnerable children in the Amazon and conducted fieldwork in Cuba identifying factors that affect the food security and food sovereignty of women on the island. In the course of Zoe's international work, she has recruited, interviewed, and selected many candidates to form leadership teams with the aim of facilitating workshops on cultural appropriation and relational development.

Locally, Zoe has sought to break down barriers that exist between different socio-economic classes and in doing so has focused heavily on relationship building. She has worked on outreach vans and has helped implement leadership programs for marginalized communities, including the homeless.

She graduated from The University of Guelph in 2017 with an undergraduate degree in International Development Studies and was on the Dean's Honour Roll.

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